Ofer is a known Astrologer , Tarot master  & healer. He was born in 1958 in the city of Tel aviv- jaffa. In his early age he was deeply influenced by the secret books of Cabala and the mystery of Coffey reading which use to be a popular prediction method in the middle east. Ofer was born into a family known into the occult & mysticism for decades. Most of his early years he was deep into occult study and herbalism developing healing methods and predicting people health conditions only by reading photographs. Later around 1986 few years after his marriage, he then become known as a future teller and healer. His tarot reading ability together with his unique spiritual approach helped him to develop new ways of understanding people lives. Those who consult him for many years will testify that he is not only an accurate future teller; in most cases after giving you his future prediction he will tell you the right solutions for your problem. Until late 1998 he was reading, healing and consulting people from all walks of life. He had few media appearances in night radio show and TV yet he felt that something is missing and he was looking to deepen his spiritual knowledge. In 1999 he traveled to India and spend his time in exploring the high mountains of Himatchel parades region, there he was all day busy reading locals and teaching professional tarot reading to people from around the world. You could see everyday tourist coming to his house seeking his tarot and spiritual guldens. For 3 years he was living between the spiritual city Puna and the north of india; teaching tarot and yoga and learning eastern methods of enlightenment . It was during the last year in the high mountains of Himalaya, there he come with the idea of sharing something with the world ,that’s where "the light" poem was first written on paper, those who shared time with him during his traveling between Europe to India will tell that the book was partly written in Automatic writing ( sub conciseness writing ), he himself admit that he was in a unique state of mind while writing this poem. The book was later completed in London where he spend months reading people at the "aveni" hotel in "earls court". In 2003 after spending few years in north india and traveling in south east Asia ,he traveled to the south beaches of Kerala and Goa there he was first invited to the business city of Mumbai to consult some of the top business people of Maharashtra. After being constantly traveling back and forth between the north and south ,he decided to settle in Mumbai and serve all those who seek his help. In the beginning he lived in one of the city hotels yet when his success started to bring hundreds of people to his place every month he sifted to his own place in the suburb of Mumbai. Many of his famous clients were living between London –mombai –bangkok and he quickly become known in Europe and between the Asian community of the USA.
Ofer illuminate people lives in Mumbai
During his years in Mumbai ofer was working for the grand Hyatt hotels India giving lectures and consulting people at the hotel spa. His work in the biggest hotel in Asia was an immediate success, people traveled from all over India to the "grand Hayat Calina" to get his uniqe Tarot advice and Astrology chart reading. It was the time he started to make his media appearances and making headlines while reading some of the top leaders of the movies, banking and media industry, he then achieved recognition in asia .
Ofer teachs a new spiritual business approach
Since 2007 he is the "Hello" magazine astrologer, his yearly horoscopes in "Hello" and his yearly prediction to the world royals were published in south America, Europe, Canada, middle east and Asia. Ofer is currently living in Thailand and focus on his writing and giving predictions to people around the world. It’s important to mention that while working with the people of India in remote villages and poor places he purposely kept a low reading fee in order to allow those who can’t afford him to come and get answers. His connection with the hotels industry keep him traveling often. In early 2009 he was invited by the Movenpick hotels to stay few months at the Movenpick resort and spa in the island of was one his most exciting and intensive period, living on a small island resort lecturing and reading tourist from all over the world. The local people of Mauritius quickly discover him and with his little France language speaking he was there for them as well. Some of his most famous predictions were publish in Asia early 2001 to 2007, "the rise of the east nations" "earthquakes in china" many of his past predictions are coming now into reality. Being known for his accurate match making, he helps many young singles to make the right romantic choices. His straight forward approach and being known to say the truth in the face become his trade mark.
Ofer new book release - "The light"
It was in the years 2003-4 after long period of teaching the occult he decided to put some of the cosmic secrets into writing. Or like he say "understanding the cycle of evolution", he wanted to write a book which will lead people to a self-realization. He believe that there is no many explanation which can guide you into enlightenment as he say "when you are in this state of mind you lose your questions you are just a witness to your own being", so he wrote this short book almost like a quest, once you read the book you can immediately feel the powerful energy of his words which hiding between the sentence; that why he call this poem a healing poem. It’s for the purpose of healing. Part of the book was written during the time he spend in the Himalaya mountains of north India, then few years after Ofer completed the writing. It took 8 years until the book was finally ready to be presented to the public. the light is a deep journey into man existence. "A mystery which will lead you to clarity" is the right way to describe this unique text. The reader may need to read the book few times in order to extract and understand the deep meaning of this poem. The book was originally written in Hebrew language and was recently translated to English.