It all started with my love of nature, I was 8 years old, I study the secrets of healing herbs, animals and nature, since early age I was preparing herbs tinctures while testing them on myself and family members. Often, I would run away from school to spend time in the mountains, looking for rare medical herbs. I quickly realize that observing nature will tell you so much about people. I grew up near the sea, I spend a lot of time on the beach, surfing and fishing, I was inspired by the tide cycle and beautiful sunsets, constantly fascinated by the power of the sea waves. I remember how one day I felt like there is something missing in my life, I wanted to learn the universe secrets, the planets, the moon cycle and how the four elements creating life, so I went on diving into kabbala, astrology and tarot, it teaches me why and how everything is connected. During more the 45 years of spiritual work I always walked alone, many scholars and astrology teachers didn’t understood what I was talking about, deep inside I knew that I was different, my childhood hobby become my work. By the age of 28y old after reading the whole occult public library in my city, I started to developed a unique way of understanding people life. I was reading people in my own unique way, analyzing birth chart in my own way. I again walked alone here, my colleagues were learning natal chart interpretation through understanding planets and transitions but I did it my way, I knew all the western astrology doctrine, I knew how to read cards but it was just not enough, I was observing people nature, the planets and transitions where just a common knowledge, observing and knowing people nature, patterns and health issues made my art complete. This was a period of enlightenment, reading and healing people become my main work, my philosophy was everything is connected, everything have a reason, everything is in a cycle the age of 42 I mastered the way of reading people life. I see my fellows astrologers and tarot readers colleagues sitting hours and studying the planets transitions or spreading the tarot cards in all traditional ways, while i was reading people using my Hermetic tarot secrets together with my unique way of interpreting chart. a different approach to predicting people life. I was an outsider, because i do differently, some rejected it, but today so many  wish to learn it. When i was criticized I said “to understand my way of reading you need to learn the cosmic rule  "the whole is one and the one contain the whole" – this is why I always see my readings as healing. Telling future base on old doctrine was never my only goal, healing people life is the goal; healing happens when you recognize the source and not only the symptoms. like the different between wisdom and knowledge. Healing is the reward of my hard work, it is the ultimate goal, for me,  it’s always about love ...

Love and light