How to pay with Western Union?

First, locate the near WESTERN UNION office.

At your local WESTERN UNION Office:

  1. Request a "Person to Person" transfer.
  2. send your fee to OFER COHEN address: Bangkok country: Thailand (Your local Western Union Office will also charge you a fee to send the transfer).
  3. You must confirm that all the information they enter into their computer is correct. If they make a typing error your funds can not be received.

  4. plz make sure the sender and the receiver name written correctly.

  5. They will give you a receipt with a control number on it.
  6. Please email the following information to ofer at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . You can get all the needed information from the paper copy of your transfer request that your local Western Union Office will give to you.

    1. Control Number = _____________
    2. Exact name used by the sender when requesting the money transfer (i.e. your name):

    3. o First Name of Sender = ______________
      o Middle Name of Sender = _______________
      o Last Name (surname) of Sender = __________________
    4. City Sent From = _______________
    5. Country Sent From = ________________
    6. Exact Amount Sent in US Dollars = ____________
    7. Confirm exact name of the person the funds are being sent to = Ofer Cohen
    8. Confirm Name of Pickup Location = BANGKOK
All of the above information is needed at our end to collect your Western Union funds.