The Light

"The Light" is not a story, a theory or a new meditation philosophy. It is a healing, spiritual mantra, an explanation of the source of man's existence and relevance. The source is light and this light is the quintessence of all existence.

We are all basically enlightened, only waiting to be awakened. This beautiful exploration helps us discover the truth within. Finding that truth is the key to becoming a witness to one's own being and brings with it an understanding of how we create our own reality and suffering. Ultimate healing can come from the clarity that understanding this message brings.

The text can help you unveil your inner light and lead you to deep self-realization and an illumination of your consciousness. Simply reading these truths can set you on the healing path to your natural destination of merging with the source.

Table of content

First Chapter

The Light

Second Chapter

Man's Light

Third Chapter

The Light Of Awareness

Forth Chapter


First Chapter
Second Chapter
Third Chapter
Forth Chapter

The Light

A healing poem

Written by:


Translated by: Mali Joy and Arthur Livingstone

All right reserved

This book is dedicated to the memory of my father who left a deep impression of grace on our lives and to my mother who has always supported and accepted my spiritual path with kindness and devotion.

Special thanks to Mali Joy and Arthur Livingstone who spent months of hard work translating it into English.

Knowing you are light is healing

Experiencing the light is enlightenment


Chapter 1:THE LIGHT

Chapter 2:MAN’S LIGHT



"experiencing the light is my religion,

it is like a constant reminder of my eternity;

in this beautiful dream call life , I keep being

spontaneous, aware of my true nature ;

I can’t remember my first breath but

I do know it’s all started much before that;

Naturally without being involve or giving attention,

I allow the light of compassion and love

to penetrate the darkness , a healing light

leading all into a stat of enlightenment."


Chapter 1: The Light

The source,
The essence of the cycle.
The temporary is sometimes visible,
The eternal,
Both seeing and not seen,
Carrying spirit or void,
Natural and ever-changing.
Physicality and phenomena,
All manifestations of light.
Thought and spirit,
Are the lights of creation,
Witness to a sense of being.
The eternal is in all things,
It is one light;
The transient is part of its light,
Conscious or insentient,
Appearing and vanishing
The eternal is constant,
Yet difficult to grasp.
To our limited senses it appears to vanish;
In the absence of oblivion,
It is present as existing light.

One source,
Whose expression is light.
One consciousness,
Filled with light.
A single awareness,
The quintessence
From which souls emanate.
The universal light moves,
Manifesting itself
On different worlds;
The same in essence,
Only in different forms.
A soul is a spark
Of awareness,
Developing gradually,
Beginning in physical worlds,
Evolving slowly to higher worlds,
Until synchronized,
Remerged with the source.

The cyclical ebb and flow is life,
Its purpose to develop
And integrate with the source.
When the soul enters the body,
The source gives it vitality.
Awake it watches through the third eye;
Sleeping it hovers
Between worlds,
Viewing reality, imagination and dreams,
Moving from past to future.
All that emerges from this is temporary
But results in something essential.
Only the light of the eternal soul,
Is above all this.
Through reincarnations
In the lower worlds,
The soul progresses,
Until coming of age,
It reunites with the source.

The eternal soul descending like a spirit
Instills life into the body;
From this is separated a ray of light,
The soul that drives
The work of creation,
The essence of pure consciousness.
All memories of the soul’s reincarnations are
Hidden deep in the subconscious
To ensure concentration
On the task.
From the day of its birth,
The soul flows like water,
With few moments of stillness,
Absorbing deep memories,
Dissolving with love and suffering,
Mingled with mere moments of happiness,
Contemplating at the end of life,
Returning to embrace the source.

Little by little
Consciousness forms,
Clear and cloudy, strong or weak,
In control or out of control,
Intent on finding itself;
Wandering from joy to sadness,
Sometimes suffering,
That is the way to grow,
Roaming without motive,
Fulfilling another stage
In the cycle of evolution.
Like a morning's droplet of dew
That evaporates into an ocean of light,
To be gathered back into the sea.

One’s soul is a light vibrating,
From physicality with its spark of spirit
To a transparent soul,
Illuminated and tranquil.
Physicality and survival are evolution,
From an individual awareness in search of meaning
To an enlightened consciousness
That is part of the overall light.
One is surrounded by light
Perpetually flowing and creating.
Release of the eternal soul
From the cycles of evolution,
Depends on the development,
Of a soul aware of itself.
It needs not seclusion or retreat,
But silent observation
With altruistic love,
And the development of compassion
For every living and inanimate thing;
This is the purification of the soul
And its return to the light.
When the consciousness
Is aware and lucid,
The eternal soul spreads light and love.
When the body disappears,
Only flowing light remains
And the need to reincarnate ceases.
Thus in the void
You are part of the source;
Only then is the cycle complete.

Soul and body,
Are surrounded by light.
Mountains, sea, sun and moon,
Are all manifestations of light;
Light penetrating from above
And returning back.
As substance it motivates the cycle,
Intangible it is everything.
The light flickers
And is difficult to retrieve;
Distraction and knowledge
Obscure it.
Through the physical it gives vitality,
Through the spirit it bestows eternity.
Sadness and suffering,
Are light that is absent,
Happiness and love
Are light in abundance.
Merger with the light
Is spiritual elevation,
Emptiness is loss of light;
Thoughtful observation replenishes,
Awakening on the path to illumination,
And when the light is revealed
In the consciousness,
The body abounds with serene energy,
Emptiness swelling with happiness,
Without motive and without purpose .

Chapter 2: Man's Light

One’s light is as the source,
From a tiny spark to a flowing beam,
Will and desire are created of the flow,
The elements fan the flame.
Air and fire are a spark of the light,
Water and substance are creation;
That’s the essence of the mystery.
Beginning with a spark and a tender spirit
To a complete body, earth and sea,
Light is in unceasing motion.
In hidden worlds the dimension of time is absent
But here light is measured in time;
Although as it evolves it changes shape,
Or expresses itself variously,
Its character remains eternal and fixed.

One's light, A point of light, a spark of awareness;
Human light is charged with life and thought;
A soul will accumulate memories and strife;
A spirit is on a quest.
Breath and senses are proof of our existence.
An identity that will change
With the years,
Mostly concerned with ephemeral objects,
Yearns for a love that blurs the senses.
With breath emotions arise,
Pleasure and pain merge alternately
As if to demonstrate the lust for life.

One’s light has centers
For absorbing,
Allowing the light of the universe
To flow and nourish the aura.
Light from above flows into the eyes
And out again in circles of spirit
Around the body.
The eternal light surrounds the visible light,
And when the soul is charged
With the good energy
The break in the continuum
Of the flow is made whole.
The body’s light, inhaling and exhaling
Are the motions of consciousness;
Thought and emotion are
The light's vibration;
Spirit and body are interdependent,
Constantly affected by density
And the way the light is scattered.

Chapter 3: The Light of Awareness

One’s consciousness is breathing,
Universal consciousness is light concealed,
Its nature like a flickering flame,
Clear and pure at source,
Partly concealed and hard to grasp,
Partly clinging to the soul’s light,
Allowing it to be seen.
During the day it watches and observes,
At night as it floats in higher worlds,
It dreams of release from the burden of life,
Returning each morning
To participate in life’s journey.
Life and death, youth and old age,
A world of sounds and quivering thought,
Thus the cycle of the light of evolution is sustained.

The light’s cycle is the purpose;
In the physical world this can be seen all around.
From consciousness to thought, from soul to awareness,
All this is the light’s creation.
The soul is an expression of the spirit,
Consciousness is an expression of existence.
The light of thought is
The heartbeat of awareness;
It flows with the breath.
In the universe it is the source that creates all,
In the individual it is the light of thought,
But what is sensed and seen
Is the light of consciousness,
When the soul is distracted by activity,
Its fate endlessly changes,
Life is cause and result,
But when it is aroused from the illusion of activity,
The mind is cleared and the light of awareness is exposed.
Through tranquility one merges with the cycle of evolution.

Above in the heavens
Is blue light with occasional clouds.
Below in nature
The roots of a tree are not seen;
Clouds nourish the roots,
Man destiny is a result of his thoughts,
Part of the cycle of light.
When the clouds disappear the sky is clear,
Clarity of thought is enlightenment.
There is nothing to grasp and
Nothing to hold on to,
Between the thoughts lies peace of mind.

Chapter 4: Understanding

One’s will, society and location
Are the main causes of forgetfulness,
Distracting the soul
From remembering the source.
But know that even when
There is seepage of the light
And its vibrations are constantly changing,
There are still many moments of recall.
If emotions are the limitation,
Then observing them will restore the memory.
Even when the light is hidden,
There is a flicker of recall,
Because what is natural lasts forever.
The light refills.
Changing ones approach builds confidence.
Pure attention focuses on the right objective,
And once more memories of the source are retrieved.